Sunday, September 25, 2011

Sweet Baby James Cowboy Party

Baby names can come from a lot of places. They can be handed down through a family for generations, taken from books and movies, procured from religion, or simply be a name that you adore. Or like my son's name, they can be inspired by a song.

Now I should clarify; James is a family name. For generations, there have been men with this name on both sides of our family tree. It also happens to be my husband's middle name. However, if it had not been for that fateful day when I first heard that one special song, I may never have chosen the name James for my son.

There I was, just starting my second trimester and painting away on the murals that would cover the walls of my precious child's nursery. Never one for working in silence, I decided to play an album that my dad had just given me: "James Taylor's Greatest Hits." I was enjoying the music and let my mind drift as I painted the soft green blades of grass. Then, "Sweet Baby James" came on. Something about that song captured my complete attention from the moment it started. Hearing it stirred something inside of me, and when it came to the line "Rockabye Sweet Baby James," I burst into tears. I knew, just knew, that that the little one I was carrying was my own Sweet Baby James. I softly rubbed my belly and quietly whispered, "I love you, James." From that moment on, I wouldn't even consider another name. My baby was James.

Now is it any surprise that such a significant moment would be an inspiration for craftiness? I think not. The song that inspired James' name also inspired the theme of his first birthday party. Just as easily as I decided on his name, I determined that he must have a Sweet Baby James Cowboy Party. And, me being me, nearly everything was handmade.

So how do you craft a Sweet Baby James Cowboy Party?

Start by stitching together the perfect outfit.

Build a western town.

Sew a banner.

Construct a campfire.

Create a cactus and some cows.

Craft some Goodies.

Whip up a cake.

Accessorize with bandanas.

Invite some guests.

Set it all up.

And, celebrate!

James had a blast at his Sweet Baby James Cowboy Party and so did all of his guests!

P.s. The posts that follow this one will contain instructions on how to make each of the items shown above. Links will be added to this post for each item as I go along.

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